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Callisto Gold Chain BeltCallisto Gold Chain Belt
Callisto Gold Chain Belt
Sale price$165.00
Zira Gold Chain BeltZira Gold Chain Belt
Zira Gold Chain Belt
Sale price$145.00
Aminatu NecklaceAminatu Necklace
Aminatu Necklace
Sale price$98.00
Idia NecklaceIdia Necklace
Idia Necklace
Sale price$70.00
Makeda NecklaceMakeda Necklace
Makeda Necklace
Sale price$105.00
Nandi NecklaceNandi Necklace
Nandi Necklace
Sale price$98.00
Tiye Necklace - GoldTiye Necklace - Gold
Tiye Necklace - Gold
Sale price$115.00
Kassi Necklace - GoldKassi Necklace - Gold
Kassi Necklace - Gold
Sale price$115.00
Malaika NecklaceMalaika Necklace
Malaika Necklace
Sale price$125.00
Close-up of gold letters spelling "LAPO" on a chain belt laying on marbleClose-up of a model in brown silky dress wearing gold Lapo charm chain belt
"LAPO" Gold Chain Belt
Sale price$229.00
Goddess charm chain belt with teal stone charm laying on marbleClose-up of a model in green swimsuit wearing Goddess charm chain belt
"Goddess" Charm Chain Belt
Sale price$249.00
Gold Monogram Letter "L" Charm laying on a marbleClose-up of a model in brown silky dress wearing gold Lapo charm chain belt
Leo zodiac sign gold coin charm laying on a white marbleZodiac gold coin charm clipped on a chain belt
Zodiac Coin Charm - Gold
Sale price$34.00
Womankind Africa charm in Gold laying on a marble Womankind Africa Charm clipped on a chain belt
Womankind Africa Charm
Sale price$31.00
Femme Expression Charm laying on a marbleFemme Expression charm clipped on a chain belt next to a white stone charm
Femme Expression Charm
Sale price$25.00
Statice Barrette - Wood BrownStatice Barrette - Wood Brown
Statice Barrette - LeopardStatice Barrette - Leopard
Statice Barrette - RedStatice Barrette - Red
Statice Barrette - Red
Sale price$9.00
Statice Barrette - Washed Indigoalligator clip resin hair barrette
Statice Barrette - Gold LeafStatice Barrette - Gold Leaf
Statice Barrette - Silver LeafStatice Barrette - Silver Leaf
Zira Gold Bag ChainZira Gold Bag Chain
Zira Gold Bag Chain
Sale price$145.00
Hyperion Gold Bag ChainHyperion Gold Bag Chain
Hyperion Gold Bag Chain
Sale price$155.00
Callisto Gold Bag ChainCallisto Gold Bag Chain
Callisto Gold Bag Chain
Sale price$165.00
Dione Gold Bag ChainDione Gold Bag Chain
Dione Gold Bag Chain
Sale price$135.00
Hyperion Gold Chain BeltHyperion Gold Chain Belt
Hyperion Gold Chain Belt
Sale price$155.00

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